Monday, February 15, 2010

Rescue a pet

Life, Love, And Four Paws

I disagree with Ben Stein on pretty much everything political, but his video essay on 2/15's CBS Sunday Morning brought a tear to my eye.

Check it out:

Ben Stein says "adopt a dog"

He's absolutely right. I would have a dog if I could, but George and Gracie would freak. I adopted them both from the Humane Society -- not siblings, but rescued together -- and they provide much-needed unconditional love. The comic relief is an added bonus. Here they are, doing what they do best. 'Night.

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C.S. said...

I have 2 cats, always have been a 'cat person.' But after my husband died 4 years ago, I adopted 2 dogs -- a minpin and doxie. I absolutely LOVE them, and they are wonderful company, get me out for long walks where I sometimes chat with neighbors - or to parks where I enjoy nature. I won't say I love my cats any less, but I would miss my dogs more, I think. And yes, I agree on the "husband" bit -- just get a dog instead (and this said from a widow who had a 35 year good marriage, yet never plan to marry again).